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Founded in: 2012
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Michigan, United States United States

It's a social media site that focus' on everyday fashion. It is geared towards the 'average' girl and their day to day styles and trends.

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This is a site that follows fashion in the 'now'.  It showcases what is hott in stores this season (and not next fall).  It is also a forum for helping others decide on their purchases.  Shopping at the mall right now and not sure whether or not to buy that outfit? just upload a picture on 'Fabfash' and get instant feedback. Not sure what to go out and buy for that fancy dinner date? Make sure to check 'Fabfash' first before scouring the racks. 

This is your ultimate one stop shop for everything fabulous. now.

Competitive advantage

There is no other fashion site that caters to the niche I am looking for.  This site is geared towards 'average' girls who are looking to discuss all things fashion and nothing else.