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Company description

DormNoise is an interactive student calendar system that gives students a series of interconnected personal, student group, and campus-wide calendars to organize all of their student events, and lets them sync everything to the most popular calendar applications and smartphones.

By implementing DormNoise, colleges or universities gain access to a feature set that will dramatically improve:

     1. Communication on a campus-wide basis

     2. Student organization, engagement, and awareness

     3. Student participation in events and student groups


Business model

DormNoise has a subscription based, SAAS business model.

·         Colleges that wish to use DormNoise must pay a subscription fee of approximately $2 per student per year (see the “DormNoise_Standard_Product_Pricing” document for a complete breakdown of DormNoise pricing).

Competitive advantage

Dor   DormNoise is the only true interactive student calendar system on the market. The only productsthat are similar to DormNoise are uHub, OrgSync, and Collegiate Link:

·         uHub is a student event management software with a feature set far less advanced than DormNoise. For example, uHub does not give student organizations their own calendars, has no mobile phone syncing functionality, gives students very little control over what campus events are added to their personal calendars, and does not have an email notification system. Further, uHub is only used on two college campuses: Northwestern University and the University of Maryland.

·         Unlike DormNoise, OrgSync is a student organization management software. It has some calendaring functionality (which is inferior to DormNoise in every respect), yet it is an ancillary feature of their product.

·         Collegiate Link is an online platform with  four different products: StudentLink Groups, Co-Curricular Management, StudentLink Finance, and Career and Graduate Portfolio. StudentLink Groups is the only product that is similar to DormNoise as it is a student organization and event management software. However, unlike DormNoise, StudentLink Groups does not give students much administrative control over their personal calendars, does not allow students to create events with classmates or upload their course schedules/assignment due dates, does not feature mobile phone syncing, and has far less advanced syncing to desktop calendar applications.