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San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

At D2S Games, we've brought together all of the things you already love - going out to clubs, bars and cafes, hooking up with friends and making new friends, playing games and having fun - and we make it BIG by projecting your fun on the big screen TVs that are everywhere.

The D2S Games platform connects players mobile phones to big screen, multi-player game action.  While players can fly, run or answer trivia questions using their phones as a Wii like controller, all the game play action takes place on a big screen so all players, as well as the general event audience, can view and participate in the game.  D2S Games has been featured at events, in bars and pubs and at the California Academy of Science’s NightLife. 

D2S Games includes amoung its sponsors and clients Blue Angel Vodka, Intel, Magners Hard Cider, NOS Energy Drink and Lagunitas Brewing Company.  Our location cusomters include the San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking, SFSU, the de Young Museum and the St John's Medical Center.  Our game and technology partners include Betable, Special Agent Productions, CosmiCube, and Meridian.