Corktraders, Inc.

Corktraders, Inc.
"Pass the Bottle"
Redlands, California, United States United States
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Corktraders, Inc. designed to give individuals and businesses a web platform for trading wine. 


The “barter system” and “wine swapping” has been happening among acquaintances and business affiliates foryears.  Corktraders has formalized the trade process incorporating it into their social media platform.  Retailers, lounges, restaurants and wineries can use as a place where they can advertise inventory and allocations that they would like to trade.  Individuals also use to simply advertise allocations that they may be willing to trade for something else. 


The Corktraders community enables members to expand their network, search for specific wines, and trade with others who they would not have met if it weren’t for the centralized community.




Business model is an online community where subscribers around the globe can come together to trade (or “swap”) their wine. Corktraders was developed as an alternative for connoisseurs to reallocate their collection without incurring the commissions or transaction fees associated with consignment or auctions. Individual subscriptions to are less than $10 per month and allows for an unlimited amount of trading without any transaction fees.


The public launch for took place the end of 2008 and immediately received amazing feedback and support from around the world. Subscribers have the ability to “post” or “upload” wines that they would possibly be willing to trade, and search through other Corktraders’ available wines by vintage, winery, varietals, region and/or the zip code where the bottle(s) is/are located. Each Corktrader is able to offer, counter offer, accept and/or decline offers to and from other Corktraders.  It’s really that simple!  


When the network is saturated with serious wine enthusiasts that post their inventory, there willbe an effective, systematic way to locate specific wines and trade inventory throughout the world.  The goal is that the network will encompass not only individual connoisseurs, but also wine boutiques, wineries, restaurants and lounges, and anyone else who understand the value in this innovative and inexpensive way to move wine in and out of their personal and/or business cellars. 




Competitive advantage


The platform can be customized for independent use creating a private social media community.


Corktraders, Inc. has drawn great exposure because of their name.


They own and protect the integrity of their corporate and primary domain name, by possesing ownership of following domain names:;;;;;;;