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Connecto helps businesses reduce their lead cost and improve conversion on their website. Our tool helps websites interact with their traffic/prospective customers/leads in an intelligent manner and allows them to send custom messages or forms (lead/survey etc) on real time basis, based on the customers' website browsing behavior.

It builds tools that helps marketers/product managers communicate better with their visitors. It is capable of making an impact on any website be it Education, Real Estate, Ecommerce, Health or any other sector. It provides you powerful targeting rules allowing you to communicate with your customers in an accurate manner. Some simple use cases

  • Show Targeted Lead Forms

  • Show Targeted Offers

  • Collect Surveys

  • Get Facebook Likes


Connecto is a unified platform that helps businesses interested in capturing leads or in generating sales. It works at the top of the funnel in improving engagement and conversions for the websites and can also be integrated with their downstream systems.