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Compression Kinetics
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Company description

Compression Kinetics produces active compression/recovery wearables that are very different than the old school ones.

If you buy sneakers for running or court sports, you are a potential customer. If you have a long flight, you are a potential customer. If you are pregnant, you are a potential customer. If you are recovering from surgery, you are a potential customer. If you sit at your desk a lot, or drive a lot, you are a potential customer. After wearing them for 20 minutes, people do not want to take them off, and often offer to buy them on the spot.

It is active compression— producing a massage-like motion on the calf (with a roadmap for adding other body locations) to increase circulation, in a form factor that is dramatically more portable and comfortable than alternatives. The products are built on a core materials innovation platform (which is protected by two already-issued patents), allowing them to sell for a fraction of what the industry has charged historically for active compression devices— making the purchase less than a smartwatch, or similar to a top of the line pair of sneakers.

Early customers include the Golden State Warriors, the SF 49ers, and vascular clinic patients. Investors include Innova Ventures, Highway1, IDEO, and NFL great Ronnie Lott.



Business model

We sell physical products with gross margins in the 70% to 80% range. We expect customers to buy new, more advanced versions of product every 18-24 monhts. We also provide a complementary app which includes value-added analystics, coaching, and compliance services.

Competitive advantage

Our body platform technology is protected by two already-issued utility patents and a growing moat of additional filings.

We have a team that has successfully grown multiple businesses, shipped product, delighted customers, and provided health returns to investors.