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From global health to education. Environmental concerns to humanitarian causes. HIV/Aids, cancer, human rights, early childhood development, poverty--CharityOne is more than a Television and online network. It's a new kind of Television that gives a voice, with pictures, to those in need, and those attempting to help. It’s a community of charities, celebrities, philanthropists, and everyday citizens committed to:


The vast majority of those who suffer do so in anonymity. More than just watching the news, being aware means making the effort to stay informed about the needs of one’s world as well as one’s neighborhood. CharityOne is an exploration of the ideas surrounding issues that affect us all--right down to our own neighborhoods. 24/7, CharityOne provides a comprehensive programming line-up that matters.


It’s the difference between knowing and doing. CharityOne's programming gives practical, entertaining, and meaningful ways to get involved: From charity news to celebrity auctions, benefit concerts to sporting events, biographical programs featuring people who are making a difference to cause-related documentaries and movies, disaster relief specials to telethons. Our Emmy winning production team, based in the entertainment capital of the world--Los Angeles, California--is bringing together some of the world's most successful movie, TV, and sports stars to be an active part of our efforts.


CharityOne provides valid charities, large and small, national and local, with a unique environment from which to promote their efforts and pursue their missions. Our national distribution platform costs these charities NOTHING. That's right, our participating charities PAY NOTHING TO AIR THEIR PROGRAMS.


Your attention, time, and money are measured not just by what you give, but by what you withhold. CharityOne’s mission is to provide a cultural alternative to the TV experience, to celebrate and encourage the act of giving, and to nurture and promote philanthropy and volunteerism. The CharityOne community of viewers is constantly inspired to ENGAGE IN CHANGE and TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
Business model

Now is the time for CharityOne.TV

The facts are clear...

• Nearly $300 Billion is given to Charity in the United States each year.

• There are nearly 2 million charitable organizations in the U.S. alone.

• Currently, there are over 900,000 public charities, nearly 110,000 private foundations, another 464,000 nonprofit organizations, and nearly 400,000 religious congregations in the U.S.

• Non-profits are responsible for well over 5% of America’s gross domestic product, over 8% of the economy's wages, and 9.7% of jobs.

• Some 13 million people work for non-profits.

• Public charities report nearly $1.1 trillion in total annual revenues and just over $1 trillion in expenses. Non-profits, as a whole, contributed over $660 million to the U.S. economy.

• Of the nearly $1.1 trillion in total revenues, 23 percent comes from contributions, gifts and grants.

• It’s a fact, nearly 7 out of 10 households give to charity annually.

• More people give to charity than vote or read the Sunday newspaper.

• 1 out of 3 individuals over the age of 16 volunteer through or for a charitable organization. Over 60 million people claim to volunteer annually. Nearly 13 billion hours are volunteered each year, the equivalent of 7.6 million full-time employees. The estimated wage value of these combined volunteers is over $215 million.

Think about it: When was the last time that the charity or cause you support got coverage on TV? 

We have recently lauched phase one of our website at www.CharityOne.TV. Please join us as a member and let us know what charities you would like featured on our website and on our upcoming TV network, scheduled to debut in the first quarter of 2009.


We are currently securing distribution for our TV network in the United States via satellite, cable, and local broadcast. 


If you and/or your organization would like to learn more on how you can help us with our mission, please contact us today. 


Now is the time for CharityOne.TV!

Competitive advantage
There is a huge need for this TV and digital network.