Ccash Innovations, LLC

Ccash Innovations, LLC
Refrigerated Countertop Multi-Beverage Dispenser
Missouri City, Texas, United States United States
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Company description

We would like to introduce to you a product that has the potential to reduce environmental waste, an estimated 20 to 35%.  The Refrigerated Multi-Beverage Dispenser is a revolutionary product, that was carefully planned and designed to address the concerns of the 21th Century.  The RMBD serves beverages using a vacuum sealed pouch, an expanding market already existent in 5 continents and 60 countries.  This market now includes alcohol beverages, wines, mixed drinks, teas, juices, iced coffee, designer waters and dietary supplements.  The RMBD is a countertop appliance, which has one to three dispensing units, each with its own temperature control.   (Coors and Miller has released pouched products) 

The main benefit we chose to market this appliance is factor of eliminating environmental waste; however, in addition, beverages would be purchased in bulk, the average savings generated would be over a $1.00 per serving.  With the savings, and the aid to the environment, the RMBD could be seen as a very profitable item in the eyes of an interested party.  We have been chosen as an Endorser for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WasteWise Program.  We have received final approval from two engineers, plans for prototyping and steps to market.  We would like to pursue an opportunity to receive sponsorship to prototype and launch marketing & advertising.

CcashInnovations is positioned to aid the environmental concerns of the 21st Century.   By educating the consumer, and the consumer educating their business associates, friends and children, our future generations can still have a pleasent environment to look forward to.  We offer the RMBD as an alternative to the costly and no-so environmental friendly small beverage container. 

Business model

This will be the 1st appliance of its kind with the ability to serve beverages from an appliance about the size of a large toaster.  One unit to three, from 1 to 5 liters in each unit at your desired temperature.  There are 6 different appliances that  can be special order to color and size.  (More to come).