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We have a posture based wearable device for people with desk jobs to reduce the incidence of back pain by helping them maintain a good posture and keep track of their daily activities. Cited as 5th most reason to visit a doctor, 5 in 10 of the working professionals suffers from back pain each year. Work related injuries creates a major loss of time, money and productivity for companies. Doctors recommend maintaining proper posture, taking short breaks from sitting to help avoid back pain. Our device, provided to the employees as part of the wellness program, analyses and detects wrong posture , understands their activities to provide personalized training suggestions to help prevent back and neck related issues. They can also engage haptic feedback on the device to help them retain proper posture. The device is designed to be an activity-tracker wristband that can be used in and out of office, which doubles as a detachable body wear when then want to be conscious of their posture. It provides wellness managers with aggregate per-team health and stress levels so that they can give special attention to teams for improving their health and happiness level, there by increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.