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Company description

Camperoo is an e-commerce marketplace for kid's camps and activities. We also offer a white-labeled registration system that ties a provider's users and inventory into our marketplace, free to providers of kid's programs (think Karate, ballet, etc).

For parents, it's free. For providers, we offer free software and make a 12.25% commission for all sales generated via our marketplace. It's free to generate a sale using our white-labeled product.

We're currently raising $910k and have commitments of about 1/3rd of that. We represent 325 providers in 5 pilot cities with about 100+ of them using our white labeled registration system. We offer over 1500 activities on our site year round and are rapidly adding more providers and users to our marketplace everyday.

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Business model

Camperoo makes 12.25% commission for every sale generated from the marketplace (paid for by a provider as customer acquisition). We give away free registration software to our providers as a way to keep live inventory and get additional Camperoo users. We make money when those users cross-purchase another item in our marketplace store.

E.G. Customer buys ABC dance through the ABCdance Camperoo store. Customer creates a Camperoo account, then goes to the Camperoo Marketplace to purchase SOCCER. We make a commission when this customer purchases Soccer.

Competitive advantage

We provide a robust registration solution that ties a provider's users and inventory into our marketplace, giving us live inventory. This gives us the ability to have constant user acquisition. As our providers grow, we grow.

Other competitors are either (1) a SaaS registration software system with no marketing or (2) an advertising directory with limited SaaS systems. The directories sell advertising space (pay per click or premium placement) and the SaaS solutions charge per registration fees. We change the business model, to where we're giving away free software and taking only a percentage of new sales generated through our marketplace.