Powering Indoor Maps
Lexington, Kentucky, United States United States

Intuitive mapping and wayfinding solutions for indoor spaces.

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Company description

BuildingLayer is a collaborative map of the indoor world. We enable organizations to more effectively navigate spaces, track inventory, manage facilities, and visualize other indoor data layers. We're making "lost" obsolete.

BuildingLayer is a...

  Betaspring 2011 Alumni (top 15 startup accelerator)

  • Brian Raney
    Brian Raney | Team member
    CEO at APAX Software. Founder at Awesome Inc. MS in Economics, BS in Computer Science from University of KY. I also coach soccer. I love building a culture that attracts smart, creative people.
  • John Kiffmeyer
    John Kiffmeyer | Team member
    Software Engineer. Computer graphics and multitouch wizard. Dual BS in CS/CompE from The U of K. Former overachiever at Lexmark.
  • Nick Such
    Nick Such | Team member
    CEO at BuildingLayer. Past at GE/Toyota/KSTC. Used to race solar-powered cars. Got into Stanford MBA, but chose startup path. I love assembling teams of smart people to solve hard problems.
  • Nolan Lancaster
    Nolan Lancaster | Team member
Awards and Mentions
Business model

We sell whitelabel mobile & touchscreen applications to enterprise customers (hospitals, airports, shopping malls, college campuses).

We resell hardware to enterprise customers to run our touchscreen software.

We sell API access to our indoor map content to software developers.

We sell advertising space on our applications.

Competitive advantage

Cross-platform map API can be use by applications on high-visibility 50-inch touchscreens, as well as web and mobile devices.

Open-source content strategy enables us to scale our indoor map database more quickly than proprietary competitors.

Multiple revenue streams allow us to scale smoothly, while moving to capture revenue higher up the value chain.