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Bravely is the world's first EdTech-Ceuticals where adults gain success & health, at a speed, cost & success rate that the status quo "helping" industries can't match, through THE master skill —  Advanced Social-Emotional Learning (ASEL); just do 5-min guided phone calls with fellow members, anytime, anywhere.

Our PowerCall is the only digiceutical shown to radically reduce stress hormones, trigger neurogenesis, and healthy behaviors, in the world's largest neuroscience study (Max Planck, 2017). In the same one year study, mindfulness failed to lower stress cortisol.

And, we are validated by Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford Medical, Dr. James Doty, founder & director of CCARE — the world's leading behavioral health research center at Stanford University School of Medicine.

All ASEL steps are aggregated for AI & honored by EIRCA (Emotional Intelligence Resilience Courage Assessment) — our proprietary reputation capital is based on feedback, behaviors & biosensing. The higher the EIRCA, the more trust & value our members garner in the world.  

Honored top of list by StartUp Health for Emotional & Mental Health Moonshot.

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Business model

Business Model

  • B2B & payors: behavioral health services $5.99/mo.
  • Freemium: we expect 40% of users to pay $11.99/mo.
  • We plan to monetize EIRCA score (“FICO 2.0”)
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Competitive advantage


While the “helping” industries’ methods suffer ≈100% failure rates and are not affordable (even in app form) to nearly 80% of people, Bravely delivers behavioral health at a speed, cost (zero/near-zero) & success rate that status quo competitors can’t match.