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Company description

Parallel6 has a depth of experience in social media marketing unmatched by existing advertising agencies or small consultancy agencies. We typically get hired because the big agencies don’t understand the details. 
One of the strengths of Parallel6 is that our clients rely on us both to develop and implement strategy for them. This experience has given us insight into how to craft strategic social media plans that can be carried out by our team or seamlessly synthesized within client teams. P6 has led strategic integrations of social media within existing marketing plans, working alongside advertising and PR agencies, and developed plans that are both on-strategy and on-brand. 
Strategic Interactive Development 
P6 has built successful custom web strategies for many companies, and we can do the same for you. We’ll help to devise the right questions you should ask yourself before embarking in a social media campaign, and also help to provide the answers to those very questions. 
Application Consulting 
With all the Web 2.0 applications out there, how can you know what is useful and what’s a waste of time? P6 can help you figure out how to build and utilize the applications likely to give your business the greatest ROI. We’re always keeping tabs on the latest in Web 2.0 trends and technology, so we filter out the “buzz” and find the applications that are truly useful when it comes to social media marketing. 
Perhaps the tool you need hasn’t been created yet. We can work with you to determine your needs and create the perfect Web 2.0 application from scratch. 
Whatever the case, P6 can help you and your company understand the Web 2.0 landscape. We can tell you what would be useful for your company, where your company fits in to the space, what your customers are using, and even what tools your customers are asking for. Then, P6 can build a customized solution to fit your needs.