Big Bamboo, LLC.

Big Bamboo, LLC.
Saving the environment one flush at a time.
West Hollywood, California, United States United States
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My Wet Rock … is all about the water.


What if it took you less than a minute to do something that could significantly increase the world’s supply of clean, fresh water?  

Would you?

70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, but less than 1% is actually available for treatment and use.  Water is a renewable resource but we are using it up faster than nature can replenish it.  Increases in human population, basic needs like food and clothing (see virtual water footprint), deforestation, global warming, and wastefulness all pose a significant threat to our ability to supply accessible clean water to human beings across the planet.

What most people don’t realize is that each individual, every small business and even large corporations could have an easy answer and solution to preserving this essential resource.

What is that you ask?  Well, stay tuned for the introduction and release of My WetRock.

It’s time to stop wondering when our environmental action groups and government agencies are going to do something about this.

Helping the environment is no longer about raising “awareness”.

No, the time now is for “ACTION!”

NOW is the time to ask, “what can I do?”

Meet My Wet Rock

The world’s first environmental product that will

educate, illuminate and help us save the environment

… one flush at a time.

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Business model


My Wet Rock- Saving the Planet One Flush at a Time

Earth is known as the Third Rock from the Sun, but it is also a Wet Rock- in that we are 70% covered in water, however….

The Problem- Water is in short supply

•Only 0.4% of the water is treatable for human use
• 1 billion people lack access to drinking water
• Americans use 13 million gallons of water every minute-14 times faster than the natural rate of replenishment
• Global demand has tripled in the last 30 years
• Water is overtaking oil as our scarcest natural resource in the world

It’s only Getting Worse

• 36 states face water shortages in the next three years
• Many of the world’s rivers are a fraction of their original size, and some have dried up completely
• Many cities and states are placing water restrictions on use, mandating new initiatives, and banning the exportation of water.

The Biggest factor in the waste of water is-Flushing the Toilet

• 27% of the total usage of treated water is flushed away (Over 5 Billion Gallons per day)
• Over 350 Million Toilets in the US alone
• Majority are standard 5-7 gallon Flush toilets
• Americans flush 5 times daily, with 80% of the time being just liquid
• Flushing the toilets costs an average family of four $204* a year

What is Needed?

• A product that is environmentally friendly
• Saves money, water and energy
• Is easy and functional to use
• Has value for Home, Business, Commercial, Retail, Government, and Offices

Reducing ½ gallon per flush creates the following potential savings and environmental benefit

• 350 Gallons a month saved (for an average family of four)
• $205 per year in reduced water and sewage costs (family of four)
• 1,050 Kilowatts per month (it takes 3 KW to treat one gallon of water) reduced from the grid (lower carbon emissions)
• 2,100 additional gallons of water saved due to reduced electricity needs (it takes 2 gallons of water to produce 1 KW of electricity)
• Reduced water loss in evaporation, lower carbon emissions, less stress on electricity grid and environment

Current Solutions to address the problem of flushing toilets are expensive or unfriendly

• Low Flow Toilet- $260-$1,400, plus instillation
• Removal (some toilets weigh over 100 pounds)
• Disposition- Costly for the environment- ceramic and porcelain not easily or typically recycled
• Old Adage- “Put a brick in the Toilet” as a way to save water by displacing a certain amount

What’s the answer? My WetRock

• Environmentally Friendly
• Water Conservation Device
• Practical and Saves Money
• Emotional and Educational
• Components from recycled P.E.T. Plastic

What is it?

• A water displacement device that can be placed in the tank of any existing toilet
• Saves ½ gallon per flush

• Each Wet Rock is made of 100% recycled material and comes with the following multi-functional, efficient pieces:

1- Displacement Box – also used as shipping package and/or decorative container
2- P.E.T. – PET to decorate as a craft project and emotionally invest in conservation. Can also be used as a bath toy, piggy bank and conservation reminder in bathrooms
3- Decorative materials and stickers. Ideas to personalize box and rock
4- “Fun” conservation facts, tips, environmental crafts, recycle stickers and directions to go online to learn / play more
5-Stickers for placing on toilet, computer, backpack, etc- “I’m going to ROCK this world”, and “Saving the environment, one flush at a time (with the web site- for promotion)


• Interviewing design teams for final product
• Displacement box from readily available, inexpensively acquired, and environmentally sensitive, recycled plastic P.E.T pellets
• Manufacturing company secured (28 years experience, 4 Asian based plants)


• Stephen Meade- Founder- Created several companies, largest (VDOT) with a market cap of $980MM
• Luc Vanhal- COO/CFO- Former COO/CFO of Guthy Renker, COO Belkin Corporation, President, CEO and CFO of Vivendi Universal Worldwide, Former CFO of Disney Merchandising Worldwide, Board Member of ViewSonic
• Jason Rosen- Strategic Sales- Former Senior Executive at Sony, E!, and Fox. Executed online and integrated sales and promotions.


• Captain Steve Roest, SeaShepherd (Whale Wars)
• Marc Mathieu- Former VP of Global Marketing for Coke (led the water reclamation and plastic recycling initiatives), Simon MainWaring- Former Creative Director of Ogilvy and launch of the Prius
• Mike Flynn- Co-Founder Opportunity Green
• Chief Scientist- Dr. Richard Laton- Associate Professor of Hydrogeology, California State University, Fullerton, Department of Geological Sciences

Strategic Partners

• Design – Founded in 1999, lead by world renowned designer Yves Behar, Develops cohesive brand + product experiences, Focus on establishing new markets and disrupting old ones
• Marketing/Sponsorship – Silent Partner Media. Over 30 combined years of experience working in branded entertainment, sports and music (Ford, AT&T, Kia, TiVo). Specialists in the development and activation of integrated advertiser solutions, cross-platform marketing initiatives, strategic planning, business and creative development


• Commercial- Ongoing conversations with Starbucks, McDonalds, Wal-Mart and more
• Retail- Potential outlets- Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, Starbucks
• Charity- Scholastic, Boys and Girls Club
• Employee Giveway


• Peel and Stick Stickers will be tied to specific charity, thus making Wet Rock a global charity initiative (whales, dolphins, polar bears, etc)


• Formation round of $500K-$1MM. (Use of Proceeds Available upon request)

The Wet Rock is a simple solution to a Global and Complex problem. The displacement device can go in a home, office, apartment, retail, store, school, restaurant, or sporting stadium.

Thus making the Wet Rock a global product with environmental, emotional, economical, and educational appeal.
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THE IDEA- I’m often asked, “how did you come up with this idea?”.  Well, here’s a short video explaining the rather curious way it occurred:

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE- We talk about “winning” a Nobel Peace Prize with My WetRock.  I wanted to better explain what and why I put that out as a mission.  To me, it’s really more about the education and opportunity to change the mindset of what a 12 year old thinks they can do to change the world.  If we can impact and encourage a new generation of kids to solve big problems with simple solutions…well, enough said.


Competitive advantage

Consumer research has confirmed what the traditional and new media outlets have debated, people want to use their purchasing power to help clean up the environment. It is incumbent upon industry to create products that allow people to exercise that power for good.  Take a look. There are far fewer SUV’s on the road. They have been replaced small cars and hybrids. There is a recycling program in nearly every municipality across the country. People are carrying reusable shopping bags and purchasing their own reusable water bottles. The more consumer products we can produce that make a positive impact on the environment, the more opportunities we provide for people to feel good about themselves and make choices that can preserve the planet. My Wet Rock is an easy, inexpensive and immediate way to save water and power and it will pay for itself with savings in water and sewage bills in about six to eight weeks. All we have to do is let people know.  So make a difference and tell a friend.


63 MM Americans are looking to incorporate green into their lives
And, are willing to pay a higher price for green products
Cost savings and “trend appeal” opens opportunity to reach additional 150MM consumers: Conventionalists and Drifters.
Consumers willing to pay more for green products

Source: Boston Consulting Group ,Capturing the Green Advantage for Consumer Companies – Jan 2009

150MM additional Americans want to make a difference environmentally
But are looking for economic, educational, or emotional reasons
63MM Americans are classified as LOHS (Life of Health and Sustainability) meaning they have a profound sense of environmental and social responsibility
Top 10 environmental consumer actions tied to saving money…
  • Turn off home electronics when not in use
  • Recycle or reuse products
  • Use lower energy light bulbs
  • Use less water
  • Bring own bags to market
  • Use energy-efficient appliances
  • Use car as little as possible
  • Purchase locally produced products
  • Improve insulation in home
  • Buy products without packaging