Spark a smile before you arrive!
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With beebump you can announce yourself in an unforgettable way while travelling to your family, friends or contacts for a (surprise) meet up.

  • Start your trip with a media clip which sparks curiosity or laughter
  • Start your trip with a message which triggers a (group) conversation
  • Announce yourself when almost arriving in an unforgettable way
  • Temporarily share your location while travelling from A to B

Forget about time of arrival. With beebump you'll spark some smiles when you arrive!

Beebump is about announcing yourself in a great way. It's a personal branding tool and takes away the focus on the question: "When are you here?".





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Business model

Beebump is free for users but users will be able to pick advanced filters, animation add ons to create mindblowing beebump experiences.Some of the filters and add ons will be paid.

Besides content monetization, we will focus on bringing our service to different companies who can upload their own content and be highlighted on the map and featured in the catalogue.

Of course we have a bigger arsenal of monetization options. If you are interested, contact us and we will share the full story.

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