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Company description

BeanSprout is changing the way companies do business development by making it more like a dating website. BeanSprout matches companies together for partnership based on what business development opportunities companies are looking for. The partnerships we are creating are channel, co-marketing, technology integration and more. 

Business model

Joining BeanSprout is free and all new members are given 5 credits. Credits are used to make a connection with another company. Each additional credit is $5. In the future we are looking at subscription models. 

Competitive advantage

BeanSprout has data not available anywhere else including company level information about their relationships (partnerships) and what they are looking for. That puts BeanSprout in a unique position to match the needs of companies. 

BeanSprout is also focused purely on making the business development process better as opposed to other tools currently used that are too general to really serve the needs of partnership development.