Architainment Systems and Services, LLC

ringing Design, Form, and Factor and Expertise to meet the creative and budgetary needs of our customers.
Richmond, Virginia, United States United States
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Architainment Systems and Services., is one of the early pioneers and current solution provider of new and proven digital display and related Solid State Lighting (SSL) technologies. By leveraging collectively over 100 years in-house or partner experience, the company’s philosophy and purpose is to consult with, represent, and bring to market, “best in class” software and hardware solutions, utilizing the latest digital technologies for companies needing marketing, sales expertise and access to the North American marketplace.  These products include, LED Video Systems, OLED, LED (pixel based), and related Solid State Lighting hardware and software system products. The experienced AS&S, and its network of artisans, engineers, and consultants, can simplify and assist in the design, integration, and deployment of complex systems based on past experience and strong relationships in a multitude of vertical markets: Architectural (retail design), Digital Out of Home Advertising (DOOH), Professional A/V-System Integrators, Entertainment and Sports Facilities (theme parks, stadiums, arenas, casino/hotel), Rental and Staging, and the Federal Government/GSA.