ACQUA Mobile

ACQUA Mobile
a customer centric mvno.
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Company description

Most MVNOs launched nowadays are price war based, focusing too much on the ethnical market and in many ways not following up with the times where Mobile Applications are many times bigger then operator itself, where the device is more important than the provider. Acqua comes to change this, embracing the Mobile Applications market, the social networking environment which customers are present and integrates these channels into one complete new and robust mobile service. 

Business model

ACQUA is a Mobile Virtual Netowrk Operator (MVNO), in simple term, is a mobile operator without the network. 

We buy voice, txt and data from operator and we sell it to customers with a diverse value proposition.

We generate profits through diverse revenues stream:

- B2C prepaid cards & top up

- B2B Corporate Contracts

- Advertising

- Mobile Services

Competitive advantage

In a market dominated by ex call card player fighitng for customers entirely through aggressive price proposition and guerrilla distribution tactic, ACQUA is strategically positioned to offer a diverse customer experience though:

- advanced customer service in different langauge

- location based services

 - innovative content / technology propositions

Nic Gorini
+15 years of experience in the Technology, Telecom & Creative Industries, Nic has undertaken challenges from founding, investing and driving growth in a variety of start-ups to managing global biz