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Qoof - The Video Commerce Company
New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description

Qoof is the first video commerce platform that maximizes the commerce potential of online video through a unique networking service that matches e-Tailer videos with web publishing channels.

Think QVC for the Internet.

Business model

Retailers use our platform to sell products using the power of video. We can create their own video shopping channel (see www.bluetooth.tv for an example) or/and integrate it into their existing website.


We also have a distribution method including a domain parking system for the .TV extension (this should get the Demand Media Guys attention) as well as our own partners network with publishers.


Real Revenue Model

  • Monthly Platform Fee
  • Commission on Sales
  • Fee for Click to Call, Click to Chat, Voip calls
  • Per Video View Fee
Competitive advantage

First To Market

First to offer a video solution for the multi-billion dollar affiliate market

Both a Platform and a Distribution Method

 Top Notch reporting and tracking tools

Not an Advertising Network, but a Sales Network

Real Revenue Model

Key clients in place including DrugStore.com, Ice.com, The DishNetworks