Iotum Inc.
Location: 6 Gurdwara Road, Unit 205, Ottawa, Canada Canada
Founded in: 2003
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
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Iotum Inc.

Ottawa, Canada Canada
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Company description

Ever suffered through an unproductive conference call? We feel your pain. Iotum is reinventing business conversations, one conference call at a time.


Calliflower is a presence-driven conferencing service that combines text chat, document sharing and audio conferencing with rich, visual features to deliver an engaging and easy to use experience, mobile or web. Users organize calls, invite participants, and then talk on the iotum bridge. Calliflower schedules conferences based on people’s availability. When it’s time for the call, Calliflower sends reminders to everyone to dial into the bridge.


  • Alec Saunders
    Alec Saunders | Founder
    Passionately engaged with how technology can positively affect quality of life, Alec wants to see five-year plans on the market in one. A double-decade veteran of product management and marketing, he spent nine years at Microsoft where he helped l...
Business model

iotum creates and sells innovative web based conference calling services. We
own and operate a conference bridge, and are the creators of an unique
conference call management application called Calliflower which is
delivered to customers via our web site and social networks such as
Facebook. We sell direct, through affiliate networks, and via white
label deals. We partner with carriers and share termination revenues
for calls delivered to us.

Competitive advantage

Competitors are largely companies marketing individual features such as desktop sharing/meeting invites (i.e Webex, Microsoft LiveMeeting) and free conference calling services such as or traditional conferencing services such as those offered by incumbent carriers. Web-based startups such as are striving to provide similar services to Calliflower.


Conference calling hasn't changed significantly in 30 years. It's expensive and painful. Calliflower is a unique, patent pending service, with a disruptive zero-configuration friction-free adoption model.