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Company description
Famplosion is a service for parents.  We are aggregating and organizing local stuff to do and places to go with the kids so parents have a single source for finding the fun and important things to do locally.  We are currently in alpha with content for the Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nashville, Chicago, New York City and Atlanta markets.  We expect to launch the beta version of our consumer facing site in mid November.  We are also currently building the tools require to start executing on our business development and revenue plans.  We are a team of two supported by consultants for various functions in the product development phase.  We have been financing our development with an Angel round and expect to be searching for Round A financing in the New Year as the product/platform will be ready to start scaling.
Business model
Famplosion seeks to work with local media companies, blogs and city guides to aggregate content and traffic to the Famplosion content management system.  This content is monetized through local ad sales performed primarily by our local channel partnerships, as well as national brand campaigns sold directly.  Additional applications/features that should warrant consumer subscription revenue are in the product roadmap as well.
Competitive advantage
While there are several excellent event aggregation sites and localized city guides, we believe parents need information specifically organized according to their primary interests.  Famplosion's content management platform is designed around a database architecture and algorithm specifically designed for parents.  Unique variables of particular interest to a broad range of parents in various life stages are used to drive the search returns and default listing of events and venues on a location specific basis.  The ability to target a broad ranging parental demographic according to location/life stage/interests is unique, in our experience, in the marketplace. The Famplosion content management system and search algorithm is a year in the making and lends itself to a more compelling and engaging user experience with the content which serves our users and our advertisers.