Health Wildcatters 2017

Deadline - June 08, 2017

Health Wildcatters is a healthcare accelerator in downtown Dallas, Texas. Total of $380K investment possible, from us and our investors at graduation. We are open to all healthcare deals, but we have to see a reasonable chance of adding significant value in 90 days while your team is here.

We expect most startups to fall into the #digitalhealth #mHealth #meddevice categories. We fund $30K, we also offer convertible notes of up to $350K after graduation to get you started - this investment is made by our accelerator fund and by our investors based on a variety of criteria. To invest, we will need your company to be a C-corp (usually Delaware or Texas) . Then its off to the races to help you get whatever you need to become successful.

We will pick up to 25 finalists who will present live at Quick Pitch in Dallas in June for our final selection. 

Criteria: Healthcare startup