Twitter seeing 50 million tweets per day

Twitter slowing down? I don't think so...

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February 22, 2010
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Twitter may have seen some slowdown in regards to traffic on its site, but when it comes to measuring tweets per day, the micro-blogging startup is seeing phenomenal growth.

On Monday, the company revealed it is now seeing 50 million tweets per day.

To put this number into perspective, just back in January of 2007, Twitter was seeing a mere 5,000 tweets per day.  One year later, that number grew to 300,000 and by 2009, Twitter was seeing 2.5 million tweets per day.  By the end of last year the service grew 1,400% to 35 million per day.

Twitter's Kevin Weil said these 50 million tweets per day equal about 600 tweets per second.  He also noted the above graph only accounts for real tweets, not those identified as spam, (which I've definitely come across in my tweeting days.)

Another interesting concept brought up by Weil was the fact Twitter is simply counting individual tweets by users.  Once those tweets are created, they are delivered to multiple followers, and retweeted, etc.  Those numbers could exponentially increase the numbers we are seeing right now.  Weil said, "Tweets per day is just one number to think about.  We'll make time to share more information."  

Last year was a major year for Twitter.  It saw its service explode during major news events like the Hudson River plane crash, which was first reported via Twitter, users Tweeting news during the Iranian conflict, and simply any other major news event you can pretty much think of - let's not forget Michael Jackson's death as well.


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