Celebrity Brooke Burke on her mommy startup

Modern Mom founder's goal is to create a hub for moms and kids

Entrepreneur interview by Bambi Francisco Roizen
November 24, 2009 | Comments (2)
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Many people may know Booke Burke as a model, host of Wild On, and winner of the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars. But she's also an entrepreneur and mother of four.

Burke is the co-founder of Modern Mom with co-founder Lisa Rosenblatt (wife of Richard Rosenblatt, CEO and co-founder of Demand Media). It's an ideal partnership as both Brooke and Lisa have seven children among themselves, making them pretty good mommy experts. Additionally, Demand Media's Demand Studios creates original content for Modern Mom. 

In this segment, Brooke talks about her goals for her site that focuses on motherhood and the empowerment of moms.



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Amy Brimicombe
Amy Brimicombe, on November 25, 2009

Great interview. Thank you Bambi

Bambi Francisco Roizen, on November 25, 2009

Thanks, Amy. Brooke is right all the other sites are about the babies.. it's nice to have a site focused on the woman

Amy Brimicombe
Amy Brimicombe, on November 25, 2009

While developing Celebrity Spouses, I did a lot of research on site for women. The top 10 sites listed for women right now.. are all about having babies.. I dont have kids... I was not fitting in anywhere
I want to connect and engage with others, to learn about business, relationships, cool products.. Women are strong even as consumers..
We buy 82% of all consumer goods... Hopefully between you, Brooke and My site... Women may start to find what they need and have wanted.

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