Got hacker coverage?

With Twitter getting the hack kicked out of them, who's next and what can you do about it?

Entrepreneur interview by Mark Evans
August 8, 2009
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I recently had a chance to sit down with Bryan Costello, CEO of Costello and Sons, an insurer who covers the tech industry and its venture capitalists. 

The interview with Bryan on "Hacker" coverage is very timely as we are seeing more and more cyber terrorism across the web; not to mention the current DOS attacks on Twitter.

What is "Hacker" coverage? 

Its proper name is Breach of Security coverage and it covers four primary areas of concern:

- Digital Asset Loss

- Cyber Extortion

- Security Failure Notification Expense

- Business Interruption

Listen in as Bryan educates us on what "Hacker" coverage is and how it can save companies from the fallout of being attacked by cyber terrorists.