SGN launches FAST jet dogfighter iPhone game

Founder and CEO Shervin Pishevar gives a demo of the 3D air combat game

Entrepreneur interview by Bambi Francisco Roizen
June 8, 2009
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This is not your father's war games. In fact, it's not your child's typical air battle game on a console.

Social Gaming Network on Monday released FAST, a multi-player air combat game, on the iPhone for $10. The new game brings 3D graphics on the iPhone to the next level.

SGN CEO and founder Shervin Pishevar game me a sneak peek of the game on Friday, where we caught up at the TechFellow Awards. Pishevar said SGN, which now has 13 million people who've downloaded a game, has been working on FAST since September 2008.

"We've done the first live, 3D world that you're flying around in like a pilot," said Pishevar. "My vision was to create the most advanced 3D graphics engine... now we can build console-quality games."

FAST will cost a one-time fee, regardless of how long someone plays, said Pishevar.

Pishevar also said there will be a newer version of FAST, which stands for Fleet Air Superiority Training, coming out when the iPhone 3.0 is released this summer. In that newer version, SGN, which raised $15 million in venture funding, plans to sell jets and missiles and enable people to create squadrons with your friends on Facebook. 

"People are going to be training for an impending war," said Pishevar. "This is your chance to hone your skills before the full-blow war breaks out."

Check out the interview for the demo, Pishevar's update on SGN's other games and his vision of console-quality games in the palm of your hand.

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