Mydeskfriend connects to your Facebook

Arimaz has created a cute little robot which connects to your favorite RSS feeds and even Facebook

Technology trends and news by Chris Caceres
May 8, 2009
Short URL: http://vator.tv/n/858

French-based startup, Arimaz has a neat little product in the works called, MydeskfriendThe little penguin looking robot is quite intelligent. 

Apparently it can connect to your favorite rss feeds, read you your emails, and entertain you with its evolving personality and advanced artificial intelligence.  I really only got to see it rolling around on a table over at the Innovate!Europe conference in Zaragoza.  It seemed to follow fingers and turn around if it reached the end of the table.  There was some slight hinting that it had the capability to connect with Facebook somehow.   Mydeskfriend isn't officially released yet, but it's real.

Arimaz has a few other neat products it's working on including 'characterengine', an API that developers can use to add emotion if your making your own little robot penguins and 'nanoAPI', for motion detection and navigation.

The video shows it in action but isn't a detailed demo of its more 'intelligent' capabilities.