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Twitter developers gather to share ideas and demo their products

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February 6, 2009
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Ever heard of the SF Mobile 2.0 Meetup event?  

Probably not, because it’s an extremely exclusive invite-only event for mobile application developers in San Francisco.  Founded in May of 2008 by Lars Kamp, an executive at Accenture, it has grown from a small gathering of developers sharing ideas, to hundreds of developers applying and sitting on wait lists to get in. 

The Meetup takes place once a month at a different location depending on who is sponsoring it.  Past events have taken place at Accenture in San Francisco, and Plug and Play in Sunnyvale.   

From location based services to mobile payments, Kamp organizes the event so that a different mobile 2.0 topic is highlighted once a month.  

Yesterday evening, I was fortunate enough to attend the event - this time at Orange Labs in South of San Francisco.  The theme of the night was the Twitter API and about 120 hand-selected guests showed up to view presentations on some pretty neat Twitter apps.

Amongst the featured speakers were the developers behind some of the more well known Twitter apps – Twittelator, Twitpic, Twitterfon, Mosio and the grand finale, Twitter themselves.  Here's a little bit about what they had to say about themselves.

 Twittelator – This Twitter iPhone application stays aside from the simplicity of Twitter and brings on many customizable innovations.  Some of the basic features of this application are the ability to manage several accounts, subgroup Tweets, and search nearby Tweeters. It doesn’t end there yet, with the Pro version you get ‘Copy and Paste’, Automatic Tweet splitting, and Imogees – emoticon like icons.  
Twittelater is developed by Stone, and has some other very interesting products coming out soon.  Check back for a future video demo-ing some new products by Stone.

 Twitterfon – If you’re simply seeking simplicity, this is the app to download.  It’s free and does everything you can do with Twitter.  Developed by Kazuho Okui for fun, the developer explains, “I do this on my spare time.”  


 Twitpic – Not exactly mobile, Twitpic allows a user to easily upload a photo and post a Tweet with an automated quick link to the photo.  This service provided some of the first images of the Hudson plane crash landing.

 Mosio – Mosio uses Twitter as a broadcast tool.  You Tweet a question to Mosio, and they Tweet you back an answer, by real people who are actually other members of Mosio.



 Spime - The Spime Twitter widget allows users to upload their real-time location to their profile from any phone.  The widget reads the XY location from GPS or Wi-Fi.  The XY location is then reversed-geocoded to get the address.


Twitter closed the night with some interesting and breaking numbers.

 They announced there are currently 3400 developers working with the Twitter API, and 2000 registered applications.  On top of that, they are currently working on ways to better promote up coming Twitter applications.  The Twitter 2.0 API is set to come out hopefully by Q2 of 09 and will open doors for new applications and an overall better response time.

Check back the Vator Newsroom for videos from the event.  

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