Curating app, Shout, comes to iOS and Chrome

Allows you to create shareable lists of almost anything

Technology trends and news by Josiah Motley
March 9, 2017
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Many of us consider ourselves content curators of some kind, even if we don't like using that title. We share a multitude of articles to Facebook and Twitter on content we find interesting, we send our friends the meme flavor of the week, the (curated) lists go on and on. Now, with Shout, there's an easy and convenient way to curate lists of almost any kind to share with friends, family, and followers.

Shout is currently available for iOS and for Chrome (no mention of an Android app yet) and gives users the ability to save, share, and curate content. With Shout, users can curate content with just a couple button presses. You can organize your different "Shouts," into categories, allowing for personal lists, lists with friends, and public lists. These can be anything, maybe travel ideas for your family, recipe ideas you'd like to try, or Illuminati conspiracy theories. While lists like those are great, you could also use Shout to quickly save interesting articles and PDFs for a research project. The possibilities are endless. 

You can take your curated lists to the next level by creating collaborative lists (either private or public lists) for everything from party and wedding planning, to, once again, sharing Illuminati conspiracy theories. You decide who can participate in the curation, so no worries of it being swarmed by randoms.

Not only can you create and share your lists, but with Shout you can also follow your friends' and favorite influencers' lists to keep up with what they're sharing. It doesn't stop there, however, Shout also allows you to create newsletters of sorts that can be sent out to followers. These email digests are just another way to keep interested friends and followers engaged, keeping you fresh in their minds.

Shout is now available for download, so if curated lists are your thing and you're looking for new ways to engage friends and followers it is definitely worth checking out. Time will tell how well it catches on, but the foundation is solid and "shouting" is intuitive and easy.