Twitter said to be receiving multiple offers to acquire Vine

The company had already received an offer from Pornhub to pick up the service

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November 8, 2016
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It didn't take long after Twitter announced that it would be shutting down Vine for the company to get an offer to buy the service. While it may not have made sense for Twitter to keep running it, especially as it attempts to refocus and streamline, Vine was still a top 100 on iOS until last year, so it's not a surprise that someone wants it.

In fact, the offers have piling up, according to a report from TechCrunch, with multiple companies offering term sheets to take the app off its hands. 

Interestingly, the report says that many of the interested parties are from Asia, including messaging app Line, which just want public this summer, its IPO valuing it at $9 billion, making it the largest tech IPO of 2016 so far.

VatorNews has reached out to Line for comment on its interest in Vine. We will update this story if we learn more. 

Twitter is said to be currently considering five bidders right now, and there's no word on if one of those companies Twitter is considering is the first company to make an offer: Pornhub.

While many probably didn't take that seriously, it actually make a lot of sense for Vine, if you consider its history. Right after Vine debuted, people started putting up videos of themselves naked, either alone or with other people. In a really embarrassing move for Twitter, one pornographic video was even accidentally chosen as one of Vine's editor picks.

Twitter became aware of the problem quickly, and tried to weed out inappropriate videos by restricting a number of hashtags, including #porn,  #sex, #boobs, and #booty.

In fact, it was such a big issue that, only a month after Twitter released Vine, it was forced to raise the age restriction for the app from 12 to 17, because of the number of people using the app for inappropriate means.

Porn videos were officially banned from Vine in 2014, though it did continue to allow nudity in certain instances, like in a documentary context, such as videos of nude protestors, and nudity in an artistic context, like nude modeling in an art class. 

A spokesperson for Pornhub also assured me at the time that the offer was legitimate, and that it had already made an offer to Twitter. 

"We cannot disclose financials but I can say the offer was substantial enough to make Jack seriously consider it," he said.

If Twitter does sell Vine, it probably won't make much money on the deal. Many of the current bidders are said to be offering less than $10 million, when Twitter paid $30 million for Vine in 2012, so the company would be selling it at a significant loss. That $10 million is also apparently less than it cost Twitter to run Vine every month. 

When it was revealed that Vine would be shutting down, the company said that Vine that have already been created will still be available to be viewed on the Web, and users can also download them.

A spokesperson for Twitter declined to "comment on rumor or speculation."

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