Uber hits 205 cities, now serves 55% of U.S. population

Uber is growing fast: it has more than doubled its total number of global cities in just four months

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August 28, 2014
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It's been a couple of months since Uber raised that record breaking $1.4 billion funding round. And what does the company have to show for it? Oh, you know, only incredible international growth, and more impressive figures. You know, nothing special

The on-demand transportation service, which has been valued at $17 billion, just added another 24 cities to its repertoire on Thursday, bringing its total to 205 markets around the world. 

The majority of the new markets are still in the United States, including Tallahassee, Boulder, Dayton, Waco, Tuscaloosa, Knoxville and Wichita. The company also added a couple of new international cities as well, specifically Wellington in New Zealand, and Gold Coast in Australia. 

With this most recent launch, the company is now in 45 countries, and six out of the seven continents (I'll let you guess which one is missing. Hint: it's cold there right now). It has operations in over 100 cities in the United States alone and, in a pretty mind blowing figure, now is able to offer services to more than half of the population of this country.

The most impressive part: Uber hit the 100-city mark when it launched in Beijing back in April. That means that it has more than doubled its global presence in just four months. 

The company calls its plan to be a worldwide ubiquitous presence, "UberEverywhere."

"In pursuit of our simple mission — transportation as reliable as running water everywhere and for everyone — we aspire to transform the way people connect with their communities, revolutionizing the way they move, work and live. All around the world, Uber has energized stagnant transportation systems with reliability, convenience and opportunity," the company wrote in the announcing blog post.

"UberEverywhere is our initiative to expand our global network so that people can be anywhere, open the Uber app and connect with a safe, reliable and seamless ride."

In addition to the United States, Uber has been a lot of its emphasis on one other region of the world: Asia. In addition, to Beijing, since last year it has expanded to SingaporeSouth KoreaTaipaiDubai, and Shanghai. Uber has operations in six cities across China.

In particular, Uber seems to be especially keen on India. Earlier this month, it launched in four more Indian cities, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Kolkata, giving it a total of 10, making it Uber's largest market outside of the United States. 

In fact, the entire Indian rollout has occurred in less than a year. It was on August 29th of 2013 that Uber made its first stop in the country when it launched in Bangalore. It then expanded to New DehliHyderabadChennaiMumbai, and Pune.

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