Twitter is taking its Nielsen TV ratings to Australia

Introduced last year, the ratings gives TV advertisers insights into which shows are trending

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March 24, 2014
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Twitter's big television push of 2013 involved numerous aspects, including tv ad targeting software, as well as the purchase of real-time TV data company Trendrr. One of the most important moves the company made was the release of weekly television ratings reports in conjunction with Nielsen, in order to give advertisers a clearer picture of how each show was doing on the network.

Starting back in October, the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating (NTTR) system gives advertisers new insights into what shows are trending on Twitter by showing them how many tweets, and how big the audience for the show is on the social network. 

Having released such reports for over six months now, there has been ample time for advertisers to determine whether or not the reports are actually worth anything.

While I can't say for sure, I would guess that they are working pretty well, since Twitter is all set to expand them to international markets. Namely, the ratings system will be coming to Australia at some point this year, it was announced on Monday. 

"As the experience of watching TV and using Twitter to connect with the TV show and other fans continues to grow rapidly in popularity, our TV partners here have consistently asked for one common benchmark from which to measure the social engagement of their programming," Danny Keens, Director of Media Partnerships for Twitter Australia, wrote.

"The NTTR metric is intended to answer that request, and will complement current TV audience measurements in Australia."

Twitter has also said that it will expand the ratings system to Japan at some point. In addition, it was also revealed in January that Twitter had signed an exclusive partnership with GfK to to introduce Twitter TV Ratings in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The ratings would work similarly to those that it produces for Nielsen. 

How does NTTR work?

Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings does not just base which shows comes out on top by the number of Tweets send out. It uses four different metrics to determine which show comes out on top, including TV-specific activity and reach.

They are:

  • Tweets - how many Tweets were written about each show
  • Unique Authors – Unique Twitter accounts that have sent at least one Tweet about that episode
  • Impressions - The number of times any of those Tweets were seen
  • Unique Audience – The total number of distinct Twitter accounts that had at least one impression of one of the Tweets sent out about that episode

Taken together, these metrics give a sense of not only how many people were talking about that episode, but how many people were made aware of it through these social interactions.

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