Instagram makes first acquisition in video app Luma

Luma will help Instagram improve its video taking capabilities

Technology trends and news by Steven Loeb
August 24, 2013
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Instagram decided to get into video feature recently, debuting its own video creation feature this past June. And now the company is going to step those efforts with its first ever acquisition.

The company has purchased Luma, the maker of an app for people to record and share their videos, it was announced on Luma's blog on Friday.

"Eighteen months ago, we embarked on a mission to make capturing and sharing beautiful videos easy without expensive software or heavy equipment," the company wrote.

"By joining the exceptionally talented team at Instagram, we're taking another big step towards realizing that mission. We're incredibly excited to be able to help make a product that is already used and loved by millions of people even better."

No financial terms of the deal were disclosed, but Luma revealed that its services are being shut down. It is allowing users to download their videos, as well as offering them support, until the end of the year. Luma customers can go here to get their videos. 

"We want to make this transition as painless for you as possible," said Luma.

Luma's technology would seem to fit right in with Instagram's video feature. The app's features included video stabilization, zoom and, most fittingly, filters. The app was also focused on enhanced editing, allowing users to also adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure of their videos. 

All of this technology is going to now be a part of Instagram video, which will be a further way to set it apart from Vine.

While Vine lets users make 6 second videos, Instagram gives them 15 seconds. As anyone who has ever made a movie can tell you, 15 seconds is a long time. There is a lot you can you, and enhanced editing features will definitely appeal to those with that creative instinct.

Vine, on the other hand, seems to more about simplicity. There is no editing; its a simple point and shoot app. And that will appeal to those who don't know what contrast or saturation even are.

The two apps are both doing well, with Vine recently reached 40 million users, but it will be interesting to see if Instagram is able to poach away some more tech-minded people with its new updates.

Luma could not be reached for further comment.

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