The winner of Vator Splash LA is Stockr!

Teachmeo has taken home the People's Choice award!

Financial trends and news by Steven Loeb
May 30, 2013
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The ballots are in! They have all been counted and recounted, and we have a winner for this year's Vator Splash LA is...


Stockr is a social media platform for the stock market.  By combining market data and news with two pillars of scalable networks like Facebook and LinkedIn -- authentic identity and good social technologies -- Stockr is transforming the way individual investors, industry experts and public companies connect and share what’s moving the markets. 

It provides real-time updates from people, publications & companies users follow; recommendations; 5-minute delayed quotes on companies from their curated list; customized market news; and chart and company fundamentals.

The company says that this is a $6 billion market. It charges $595 a month, and currently has 13 companies as customers, including CBS, and it believes it can be profitable this year.

Stockr presented in front of an audience of some 400 attendees at the famed and historic Hollywood Roosevelt.

We should also say congrats to Teachmeo for winning the People's Choice Award!

Teachmeo is an international marketplace and community where anyone who wants to learn and/or teach and skill can connect via live, one-on-one video. Teachmeo's range of learning topics is limited only by the imagination. Crochet, origami, music lessons, sign language, sushi making.... these are just a few of the countless hobbies and skills that Teachmeo will cover.

Unlike other e-learning websites that specialize in pre-recorded videos or impersonal webinars, Teachmeo provides a true one-on-one learning environment that replicates the experience of being with a teacher in the same room. This is especially helpful for teachers and students who might be separated by hundreds, or even thousands, of miles but now can meet face-to-face in the comfort of their own homes.

Online education is a $49.6 billion industry, Teachmeo takes a 20-30% commission per lesson, and allows teachers make own hours and pricing.

The company thinks it can be cash flow positive at the end of its second year, with 12.5 million in revenue. 


And a big thank you to all the other startups that presented tonight:

GoodFit reduces returns and increases purchase likelihood for the online retailer by accurately recommending clothing size to the e-commerce shopper based on their body shape. The platform seamlessly integrates into the e-retailer’s website through a software as a service (SaaS) model.

It utilizes machine-learning algorithms to match shoppers’ body dimensions to clothing that best suits their body shape. It determines the shopper’s body shape through five simple questions, requires no measurements, and takes under a minute to complete.  After finishing the questionnaire, shoppers receive a personalized recommendation of clothing that will fit according to their body shape and a personalized sizing chart. This allows shoppers to wisely purchase the correct size and fit. 

BiteMe is a multi-player creative-social-betting-video mobile platform that allows its users to create and offer any number of wildly creative bets and broadcast them worldwide via 6-second microvideo (Vine) taken from their smartphone.

They can multicast 10 or 100 bet offers of completely different events "baits", all at the same time at different odds they set, without risking more than one single bet. They also get acclaim and virtual money for judging the videos and outcomes of the bets of others.

Players control the odds, and rate each other based on how creative, successful or controversial each other are, all in a fully transparent way. provides a platform for game developers to sell merchandise directly to their fans through a turnkey dedicated site. It uses Magento to build the stores and it also provides merchandise design, on demand manufacturing, fulfillment and store customer service.

It also offers APIs that game developers can easily plug into their games in order to interface directly with our stores.  Development of a custom software that will allow gamers to integrate their unique game characters and worlds directly onto merchandise and 3D printed models is also in the works.. 

Skit! allows anyone to use their latest photos, Facebook friends, or quick drawings to tell an impressive, animated story. Drag and drop background and characters, add stunning effects, animate by dragging characters, and add your own voice or soundtrack.

The Skit! Marketplace allows advertising agencies and digital rights holders to monetize branded content on touch devices in a way that uniquely engages audiences. Users will share stories of their favorite brands, such as characters from The Walking Dead.

Shop In Spa provides free, privately branded e-commerce web stores that offer real-time, peer-to-peer transactional capabilities between resorts, spas and salons and the manufacturers that supply them. SIS systems can process sales and purchase transactions, and make automatic payment disbursements in 28 countries.

The company retains 25% of every sale and reorder. Its resorts/spas market their branded stores to millions of their customers.

Tint is a self-service platform for brands to aggregate, curate, and display any social feeds (including hashtags) anywhere they want. They can display feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. and embed it onto any website, Facebook page, TV display, retail kiosk, or mobile app. It puts a Flipboard onto any site.

Over 13,000+ active brands were using Tint within 5 months of launch. Notable clients include: Toni Braxton, NBA, Kelly Rowland, Enrique Iglesias, NFL, Honda, Aston Martin, Williams Sonoma, Chelsea FC, Tadashi Shoji, Microsoft Bizspark, World Music Awards, Limp Bizkit, Kairos Society, Scopely, University of California Santa Cruz, University of Southern California, Krispy Kreme, The Lumineers, Verizon and Vogue.

The Dog Walking Co. is focused on solving the problem of efficiently being able to find a local trustworthy person to come into your home and take care of your pet. It  solves a problem for dog owners to find, hire and trust someone with their pet. It provides insurance and technology tools for professional dog servicers and create a simple experience for dog owners.

The company takes a 10% fee from the owner and from the professional dog servicer.

Runner is a Web/mobile app that allows ordinary people to make some extra money by simply transporting items along the regular commutes that they are taking anyway; "crowdshipping."

The system and method provides technological and price advantages for express shipping that customers cannot get from traditional standalone providers.

Runner also enables senders to provide star ratings and reviews of each and every 'runner' that they use, providing a further competitive incentive for quality fulfillment.  Thus, Runner even benefits from the decentralized localization of the competitive behavioral decisions for which each independent 'runner' can self-manage themselves to proivide.

What does the winner get?

All presenting companies will receive a bottle of wine, courtesy Manifesto, plus $24,000 in services from Rackspace and a video of their presentation, plus discounts to future Vator events.

But the winner will also get:

  • A demo table at the next Splash event; Discounts to Vator events
  • Opportunity to be an online judge for the next Splash
  • Sit-down meetings with top VCs (Javelin Venture Partners, DFJ, Rustic Canyon Partners, CrossCut Ventures)
  • Two hours accounting consultation, courtesy KPMG
  • One-hour corporate, one-hour IP consultation, courtesy Wilson Sonsini.

The Splash winner also wins an Apple iPad!

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