TaskRabbit partners with Gap for $25 off deal

Gap shoppers who spend $75 can get $25 off in TaskRabbit services

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December 7, 2012
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You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of TaskRabbit.  I’m probably one of the few tech bloggers who hasn’t used TaskRabbit yet—not because I don’t want to (I would love nothing more than to find someone to go grocery shopping for me)—but because it’s still not available in my metro area (Sacramento).  This bums me out often.

And now I’m bummed out even more because TaskRabbit has teamed up with Gap for a promotion in which Gap shoppers who spend $75 or more can get a voucher for $25 worth of TaskRabbit services.  As a reluctant suburban mom, I naturally get all of my clothes and my kid’s clothes at Gap.  So you can imagine my frustration right now.

“But why should this bum you out, Faith?  Why can’t you just be happy for the people who can get the deal?” you ask.  Because I’m feeling selfish and vindictive, that’s why.

The promotion isn’t available in all of the metro areas in which TaskRabbit is active—just NYC and the San Francisco Bay Area.  I asked the company why it’s bothering to run a promotion in two markets where it’s already pretty well-known.  Why not run the promotion in areas where people may not know they can get TaskRabbit services?  A company spokesperson told me that it’s purely because San Francisco and New York are the only places where Gap has built in-store kiosks for brand partnerships.

So why bother putting the energy into a promotion at all?  Why not focus that energy on expanding to more areas so that I can get someone to feed my dogs for me?

The company says only that it will be expanding to more cities in 2013, and that those of us who live outside of the TaskRabbit markets can sign up to be notified when it becomes active in our home towns.

Meanwhile, for those in the NYC and San Francisco areas, the promotion starts December 8 and ends December 24.  And if you go to the Gap stores on 17th and 5th Avenue in NYC or Market and Powell in San Francisco, TaskRabbits will be standing by to help you redeem your voucher right there in the store.

Otherwise, you can go to this landing page to redeem your voucher.

This isn’t the first time TaskRabbit has run a promotion like this.  In October, the company partnered with Pepsi NEXT to allow Pepsi NEXT fans to enter to win one free hour of TaskRabbit services.  And back in March, TaskRabbit partnered with Bravo TV to launch its Austin market at SXSWi.


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Description: TaskRabbit is launched in Boston, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County, and is expanding quickly to other major cities

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