Apple's new iPhone map to include Yelp check-ins

Yelp to also be integrated with Siri

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June 25, 2012
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A few weeks ago, at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) Apple made numerous big announcements about upcoming changes and features, including the release of a new MacBook Pro and updates for Mountain Lion.

The big news, though, was the announcement of the release of iOS 6, and all the features that would be coming along with it. These included improvements to Siri, more integration with Facebook, and the replacement of GoogleMaps with Apple’s own map feature.

Today, there was a little more clarification over a key feature that will be available on the new map.

The map, which was previously known to have Yelp integration for searching, will also include Yelp check-ins, Bloomberg reported on Monday, after seeing materials Apple distributed to software developers.

Check-ins allow users to post where they are to their friends online through different services, like Facebook or Foursquare. Yelp, a website that allows users to review multiple types of businesses, introduced their check-in service in 2010.

Being the default check-in service on the iPhone map feature may turn out to be just what Yelp needs to turn itself around after recently announcing a first-quarter net loss of $9.8 million, three times the $2.7 million loss from the same quarter a year before.

The company is projecting $30 million in sales for the second quarter of this year, and $130 for the entire year, beating analyst expectations. $21.4 million of its revenue for the quarter came from advertising.

In addition to the new map feature, Yelp will also be integrated with Siri, as the service can now make reservations at restaurant, and then help users leave reviews through Apple’s new partnerships with Yelp and OpenTable.

Yelp also recently partnered with Microsoft to bring Yelp search results to Bing. Yelp reviews will now appear on the screen when a user searches for a local business.

Yelp stock ended Monday up 1.4% to $21.95. Shares of Yelp are up 46% for the year so far.

Other map features

In addition to Yelp, the map will also have integration from Facebook, which will most likely allow users to “like” certain places, as well as allow them to post updates to their wall.

The iPhone map will also have a feature that allows users to view it in 3D, and will have a traffic service that will alert users to delays, and give them turn by turn directions even from a screen that is locked, allowing hands free driving.

The map will also be integrated with Siri, allowing users to ask for directions.

Apple and Yelp were both unavailable for comment

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