Get your good on with Roozt's cause-related marketplace

The former daily deal site relaunches as a one-stop shop for socially responsible brands

Financial trends and news by Faith Merino
March 28, 2012
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As a self-proclaimed lazy ass, I go out of my way to cut down the number of times I have to leave my house--so much so that I probably expend more energy trying to be lazy than it would probably take to just make two trips.  Like when I carry all of my groceries into my house at once so that I end up with sore arms and red marks worn into my hands.

So I like when I can work my good deeds into my shopping trips.  I like it even more when I can do all of it without actually making a trip.  Sites like UncommonGoods are ideal for that.  But former daily deal company,, is launching a new marketplace today to bring hundreds of cause-related brands into one spot.

Among the brands already listed with Roozt are fair-trade/organic/vegan products brand Autonomie Project, WeWood Watches, which plants a tree for every timepiece purchased, and Sir Richard's Condoms, which donates a condom to a developing country for every one condom purchased.

Roozt claims to have a number of cause-related brands in the pipeline, with plans to add up to a dozen new brands every week.  And with over 30,000 cause-related brands in the U.S., Roozt could easily become the one-stop shop for socially responsible e-commerce.

“Many of these great companies are like well-kept secrets, small- and medium-size businesses doing incredible things with inspiring stories to tell,” said Roozt CEO Brent Freeman, in a statement. “But, they often struggle to build a following, stand out among the crowd and scale up on a national level, simply because they lack the sophisticated tools and resources it takes to attract an audience in today’s market.”

At launch, Roozt already has over 80,000 email subscribers who can earn rewards, such as shopping credit, discounts, and "Changemaker" status.

Founded in 2010, Roozt originally began as a daily deal site for certified socially responsible brands.  Headquartered in Los Angeles, the company raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding in April 2011 from unnamed angel investors.

Facebook app Causes raised $9 million in 2010 for social responsibility. 

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