LetsListen announces Group Listening + Live Video Chat

LetsListen becomes first social music app to merge group listening with live video chat.

Technology trends and news by Cole Flournoy
February 21, 2012
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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 21, 2012

LetsListen is announcing today live video chat functionality, making it the first group listening application to allow users to listen to music together, while communicating via chat and live webcam video.

LetsListen is a free, simultaneous group listening application + music locker. Users are able to store their music online, and listen to it with their friends (users can also listen to their library in private mode). The application allows users to get in a room together, chat, and share music - all in real time.

The service also acts as a fan engagement platform for artists, allowing bands to customize and brand a listening room, host live listening parties, and sell music through the application.

The new video chat feature was hacked into LetsListen at Music Hack Day in San Francisco last week, the feature is now available to all users.

There were over 60 hacks presented at Music Hack Day. TokBox (host of Music Hack Day) is featuring LetsListen as “App Of The Week”.

Unlike other group listening applications, LetsListen is a true cloud music locker which leaves users in full control of their music and lets people share songs with each other in real time. The application runs inside a web browser, does not require any download, does not require registration, and is free to use.

The application and new video chat features can be accessed today at