Spreecast makes its video player embeddable

The social video platform, founded by Stubhub founder Jeff Fluhr, now accessed across the Web

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February 7, 2012
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We already gave you an example of the Spreecast embedded player at Vator Splash SF last Thursday, when Jeff Fluhr, founder and CEO of Spreecast, gave a live demo of the player on VatorNews while giving his keynote presentation.

Now the San Francisco-based start-up, which is a social video platform that lets people broadcast together, officially announced Tuesday that its broadcasting tool is  available for anyone to embed onto their platforms. The process is as simple as embedding any type of video player. Just use a snippet of code and you can showcase multiple viewers in different windows. 

At the demo, Fluhr was able to field questions from viewers outside the event hall who were watching his keynote. At one point, there were about three viewers on the screen in multiple windows, and a queue of people ready to ask questions. Ron Levi, VP of marketing and product, sat in the audience acting as producer by managing the queue. 

The beauty of Spreecast is that it's also easy to operate. As a former producer at CNN, we've come a long way in bringing studio-quality features and functionality into the hands of consumers and bloggers. With Spreecast Embed, viewers can chat with the host. The producer, who can also be the host, can manage the queue and put people on-air with a click of a button.

You might recall our previous write-up on Spreecast, when it launched last December. Spreecast raised $4 million from notable media executives, including Frank Biondi, former CEO of Viacom, Gordon Crawford, media and tech investor at The Capital Research Group and Edward Scott, founder of BEA Systems.  

Here's an example of a live Spreecast airing today:

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Description: Spreecast is the social video platform that brings people together for shared experiences.   
Bio: Jeff is Founder and CEO of Spreecast, social video platform lets people broadcast together.He is also a co-founder of StubHub,w...
Bio: VP, Marketing & Product at Spreecast Spreecast is the social video platform that lets people broadcast...

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