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Top 10 reasons raising capital is optimal right now

Late Night with David Hornik, and guests Alex Rosen, Josh Felser, Joe Kraus, Eghosa Omoigui

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December 6, 2011 | Comments
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For our Splash events, we've introduced a new format  called "Late Night with David Hornik." Faith Merino wrote a great write-up about the segment here

(Note: Hornik will be back for his Late Night segment during Splash SF this Feb 2. Register here for Early bird tickets before they sell out.) 

In this first episode during Splash SF this past September, the Late Night guests consisted of guests Joe Kraus of Google Ventures, Josh Felser of Freesstyle Capital, Alex Rosen of IDG and Eghosa Omoigui of EchoVC Partners. You'll have to watch the panel to get the essence of it. 

But here's one takeaway: Rosen's top 10 reasons, in David Letterman-style, that the market is optimal for start-ups seeking funds. 

10. $20 million pre is the new $2 pre

9. Lady Gaga, Ashton Kutcher, and Kim Kardashian could all be on your board

8. It doesn't matter if the development team hasn't showered if they're all in Ukraine

7. There are twice as many investors as entrepreneurs, angels, super angels, micro VCs, Big VCs...

6. Raise money now cause half of the investors were in the 10th grade during the first bubble

5. Cause nobody actually knows what's in the cloud

4. Because getting insurance is really cheap for a 25-year-old CEO

3. Because our industry really needs another million dollar startup launch party

2. All media now is really old media

1. Because if you succeed, Justin Timberlake will play you in a movie. 

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David Hornik
General Partner,
August Capital
Bio: For more than a decade, David has worked with technology startups throughout the software sector.  In 2000, David joined August Cap...
Bio: Alex Rosen is a Managing Director with IDG Ventures. He combines 18 years of venture capital experience with a deep understanding of tech...
Bio: Eghosa Omoigui is a Silicon Valley-based technology-focused investor and founding Managing Partner of EchoVC Partners. Bef...
Bio: Joe has been with Google Ventures since 2009, and his primary areas of focus are mobile, gaming, and local services. Prior to Google Vent...
Josh Felser
FYI Living
Bio: Josh is a serial entrepreneur and early stage investor. He is the co-founding General Partner of Freestyle Capital, an early stage ventur...

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