Frugalo launches as your daily deal personal assistant

Overwhelmed by daily deals? Frugalo sorts them for you

Technology trends and news by Faith Merino
November 29, 2011
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If you’ve signed up with more than one daily deal service, you’re probably noticing a very annoying new trend in which daily deal services are now sending out more than one email per day.  I probably get at least two or three emails each from LivingSocial and Groupon every day, and it’s a bit of a let-down when I see I have 12 emails in my personal inbox (always exciting!), only to find that half are from LivingSocial and the other half are from Groupon.  And maybe there’s one the Washington Post (yes, I still read the Washington Post, get off my back).

I currently have two daily deals that I purchased and have yet to use.  And of course, there are several others that I want to purchase but can’t unless I know for sure that someone else will purchase the deal too so we can go together.  For others suffering under the oppression of daily deal overload, there’s always Excel, or you can sign up with Frugalo, a new service that sorts your daily deals for you.

Yes, that’s how daily deal saturated we’ve become: we now need a virtual personal assistant to help us comb through our daily deal stack.

Frugalo was created to help users identify more relevant deals, keep track of purchased deals, and collaborate with friends on deal purchases.

CEO Mike Cieri tells me that the service uses social activity to identify the most relevant deals, as well as a user’s own history of deal purchases.  For example, has the user purchased a deal from the same provider before?  Is the deal located near other deals the user has purchased?  And have any of the user’s Facebook friends purchased that same deal?  So, in essence, it’s a push-based daily deal sorter rather than one that you customize, like Yipit.

From there, Frugalo automatically imports all of your purchased deals from Gmail and organizes them in one place under the “My Deals” tab.  It allows you to browse through deals that have been sent to you and those that haven’t, but may still be highly relevant. 

The startup, which consists of former Digg employees Mike Cieri and CTO Scott Reynolds, hails from the most recent batch of AngelPad graduates and has raised $120K in seed funding to date.  


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