MOG is coming to the BlackBerry, MINI USA

The key to on-demand music is being available on every device

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March 14, 2011
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[Corrections made Mar. 14 at 5:02 PM PST regarding Rdio's mobile offerings.]

On-demand music. Actually on demand.
Continuing company efforts to stream music to every Internet-connected device, MOG announced Monday three new expansions for the music subscription service: an app for RIM BlackBerry devices and integration into Boxee boxes and MINI USA cars. CEO David Hyman revealed the news at a press conference near SXSW in Austin, Texas.
BlackBerry users have longed for a native MOG app probably for as long as the service has existed (since December 2009) and they’ll finally be getting it. Hyman mentioned the new app during his presentation, but when I caught up with him afterward, he said the app’s launch is a couple months away.
Still, it’s coming. MOG already offers iPhone and Android apps, so a BlackBerry version will make the service just a little bit more ubiquitous. No word on whether a Windows Phone 7 app is coming. Rdio, one of MOG’s primary competitors, already offers native apps for iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Android and BlackBerry (though the latter doesn't show up in App World). 
People listen to music everywhere, though--in their home, at work, in their car. Actually, Hyman says 80 percent of music listening happens in the car.
For that reason, MOG is actively seeking out new partnerships with car companies to integrate the music service into vehicles. At the SXSW press conference, Hyman kicked off this mission by announcing a partnership with MINI USA, meaning MOG will be directly accessible from the car’s MINI Connected system. The system boasts a unique interface designed specifically for the MINI’s central display, which powers on when the driver plugs in their iPhone via USB.
Hyman says more partnerships with car companies are forthcoming.
"We want to be in every car," said Hyman. "We will be in every car. This is where people predominantly listen to music."

Besides the BlackBerry and MINI apps, MOG also announced today that it will be integrated into Boxee boxes. (Boxee recently raised $16.5 million in a third round of financing, so we'll be sure to hear more from them in the next year.) TV is a big market for music services, and MOG realizes this; before today, the company had already confirmed partnerships with LG, Samsung, Vizio and Sonos.
If you’re not in the know, MOG charges users $5 (desktop only) or $10 (mobile + desktop) per month to stream any music they want on demand. That means being able to play The Rolling Stones all you want without any ads.
In terms of monthly uniques, the MOG Music Network is third only to Vevo, a joint venture between Sony, Universal and Abu Dhabi Media, and MTV’s music network. Hyman notes that in terms of page views, MOG sees 1.9 billion per month, making his service number one.
In my opinion, MOG is such a powerful music service that it bests popular options like iTunes and Pandora. Now, if they could only figure out how to get The Beatles...

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