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(Video) Kevin Hartz tips on getting funded

How do you get funded by Sequoia Capital?

Innovation series by Bambi Francisco Roizen
November 5, 2010
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How do you get funded by Sequoia Capital? That was the topic of a presentation given by Kevin Hartz, CEO and co-founder of Eventbrite, who spoke at Vator Splash September. Sequoia has backed two of Kevin's companies - Eventbrite and Xoom. Sequoia continued to back Eventbrite in the company's most recent $20 million funding round.

Faith Merino already wrote a fabulous write-up of the keynote here: Kevin Hartz tips for getting financing.

In this video, you can hear Kevin himself share the lessons and tips he gave to the Splash audience.

If you want to hear more of Kevin's lessons and advice, check out our "Lessons Learned" interview with him: Create optsion, be frugal


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