VatorSplash Finalist: iChange

iChange wants to be the online destination to help you improve your health

Technology trends and news by Chris Caceres
June 18, 2010
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Fullerton, Ca.-based iChange, competed a few weeks ago at our Vator Splash event in San Francisco.  The company's CEO, Stu MacFarlane presented his pitch on stage in front of several hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors.  Here's the video we captured and a summary of what the company is working on.

iChange offers a platform through which individuals can receive professional counseling and support from other individuals.  As it's title says, it's all about change.  Right now, it's focus is on nutrition and weight loss where it helps connect users with other dietitians and support groups.  The company lets users sign up for free limited access, and upgrade to several professionally-supervised programs which range from $19-$99 per month.

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Description: iChange's core philosophy is that major life changes are more easily achieved with support from others. iChange has built a system t...

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