Edgy parenting site raises cash, a site aimed at putting parenting in an 'honest' perspective raises $2 million

Financial trends and news by Chris Caceres
February 4, 2009
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Babble Media, a site that targets young parents, has recently raised $2 million in VC funding from Village Ventures.  

Babble is attempting to put parenting in an, ‘honest’ perspective.  According to Babble, “The truth is that parenting is one of life's crucible experiences — it's rapturous, backbreaking and hysterically funny.”  Babble’s mission is to, “to tell the truth about parenting, to bypass the clichés and dig into the magical and maddening reality.”

Rufus Griscom, CEO of Babble, is also the co-founder of, which launched in 1997. is a site with sexual topics as its main subject, and Babble is a spinoff from Nerve.

Here’s a quick glimpse at the difference between Babble’s front page, and a one of its competitor sites,

Babble's heading article is on self-feeding solutions for your baby, while Parenting has 31 amazing birthday cake designs!