Adap.TV CEO Amir Ashkenazi on video ads

Entrepreneur interview by John Shinal
May 19, 2008 last edited July 10, 2008
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Amir Ashkenazi, CEO of the video-ad startup, tells's Bambi Francisco what's holding back widespread adoption of Web-video ads.

Ashkenazi cites three factors that have to be gotten right: revenue, simplicity and user experience.

First is optimizing ad revenue across many different sources, including product ad networks, display ad networks and verticals. 

"Integrating a video into an ad network is not easily done," he says. 

That's why his company is focused on making ad placement as simple as possible to use. signed agreements with 30 ad networks during the past month and now works with 50 in total.

The final piece is ensuring that the user experience with the video is of high quality for all the ads and sites of a campaign. raised $10 million last July from RedPoint Ventures and others.

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