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Founded in: 2007
Stage: Profitable
Number of employees: 1-5
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Don't wait until it's too late! SOON TO BE LASTWISHBOOK.COM!
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Company description


 Archive your life • let friends and family know your wishes. design your farewell celebrations. be remembered the way you want. create a public or private profile that reflects your personality. Share feelings and ideas in our forum and much much more. Best of all it's completely free!


What the New site will feature -

1. Funeral plan comparison tool

2. Grief Diaries and Share forums

You will be able to personalise and edit your profile, add music and videos share your funeral plans and final wishes. The new site will be much easier to browse with loads of new useful tools and functions.

The premise will remain the same 'Create a site that allows users to log thier final wishes' but just much more interactive.


The new name is - It will be ready for launch in 3 months and I will keep running.


Both sites make money from advrtisers such as Funeral Plan Companies, Insurance Companies, Will Lawyers and any other related product.

The current site is linked to the UK Transplant list and we would like to continue to promote a more lighthearted view of the inevitable


What the site does.... You create a free profile that stores all your final wishes. You can add photos and videos and link your page to friends and family.

You can let people know your funeral plans, your wishes, organ donation and loads more. Take the hassel away from loved ones in the event of your death and let them remember you on this up-beat and practical web-site.

You can also link to Insurance companies and Will Lawyers while finding out all the information you need about death and share grief. is the new , free and up-beat way of dealing with death online.


You can archive your life and create a free profile that reflects you and your life while letting people know your final wishes.

I am just a girl with a brilliant and very origanal idea. I do not have the money to give it the marketing it deserves. I have been voted best new site by various pc mags and just need someone to believe in me and my idea. please email me on and maybe I can make you millions. (and me a bit too!)
on Don't wait until it's too late!


Just go to the site and click on the example profile and you can get an idea of what I am trying to do. Get a sneak peek at the new site here




It's the way to go!

  • victoria vanstone
    victoria vanstone | Team member
    I was living in Thailand at the time of the Tsunami and lost my business and my house  - I experienced a new and more accepting view of death. I was then inspired to make my site. If i had died my family would have known nothing about how to...
Business model

We aim to supply a completly unique profiling service that will help you and others in the event of your death.


My story......... I was living in Thailand at the time of the Tsunami, I lost my house and busness but experienced a much more accepting view of death. I am trying to get this so called taboo subject out there. I want to get people talking about the inevitable and maybe , just maybe, if we think about our deaths and start organising our farewell celebrations death might not seem so scarey!


were all gunna die so give yourdeathwish a try........................




Competitive advantage

The only site of its kind

We already have 1000's of users and a fantastic reputation but also loads of press attention and support, including being linked to NHS Organ transpalnt list and linked to will writers and pre-paid funeral plan suppliers.


It's the way to go......................