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Location: 2510 Navarra Dr #515, Carlsbad, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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- Date: 11/2012, Seed: undisclosed amount (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
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Art is an Aphrodisiac - Connecting Arts, Audiences and Services
Carlsbad, California, United States United States
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Company description

TARTWest with the brand TARTSanDiego is an app that connects arts patrons/audiences with events and allows for peripheral advertising connections with external services that seek those audiences (think restaurants/bars etc. that are near event venues/theatres/galleries, etc.).  Initially focused on the San Diego market, but will expand to other geographies after that.

Through the creation of an innovative mobile application with web and social media support, TART allows users to have immediate information about art events. Beyond providing simple listings, TART offers unique services that no other mobile application does – and all in one location. A night out becomes simple with reviews, maps, and evening resources – all with minimal clicks on your TART iPhone App.

Business model

TART's revenue model operates on the concept of selling ads, links and peripheral user components (dining, travel, transportation, tourism requirements, ticketing, cab services, preferred provider services) - connecting the art event to the user to the resources.  The pilot phase is currently being tested in the San Diego market (, while the full realization of the TART model is its simple replicability into any market.

TART's market is divided into two components: user market and the sales market. 

User Market: In the pilot region, San Diego has more than 3 million individuals throughout the county with more than 350 arts organizations. No existing centralized listing of all artorms exists, nor is there any mobile application that provides all genres of art events' information at one's finger tips.  Users will cross demographics, but will primarilly be tech-savvy art-goers.  TART has recognized its potential total addressable market through the following forumula:

Static figures:

$27.79 = national average amount spent/person/arts event NOT including the cost of admission ($19.53 = the above figure for LOCALS and $40.19 = the above figure for TOURISTS.

3,095,000 = 2010 census San Diego area population

75.8%, or 2,346,010 = San Diego population OVER 18 (adults)

4.9 million = total unique arts admissions in San Diego in 2010

3.5 million = above figures that were LOCALS

1.4 million = above figures that were TOURISTS

46.4% = percentage of adults who reported attending AT LEAST ONE arts event in 2008

40% = adults who use smartphones

28% = iphone market share of total smartphone market

San Diego (pilot phase) Calculations:

262,753 = potential iphone users

1,088,548 = San Diego adults who are responsible for 3.5 million arts admissions

3.21 = average arts admissions each of the above number is responsible for

Of potential iphone users (262,753), 46.4% would attend at least one art event = 121,917 (This is our total addressable market for potential LOCAL APP DOWNLOADS)

Multiply the 3.21/arts attendance = 391,353 TOTAL UNIQUE POTENTIAL APP VIEWS / YEAR

Sales Markets: The revenue model designed to support TART, comes specifically through the advertising relationships provided to business seeking to reach the TART users.  Our advertising market will be local businesses which directly benefit from the patronage of TART users as a target demographic when attending local art events. 

Restaurants - Local restaurants and bars will be able to pay for direct linkage to our application based on various criteria such as walking distance of each venue within a 3 - 5 block radius. TART has already begun a relationship with the publishers of Dinning Out, being able to provide TART advertising services directly to current advertisers of Dinning Out.

Transportation – Pedicab and taxi cab services can have their services linked on the web and phone application, allowing the user to merely click on the phone number to reach them directly. TART has begun a relationship with GoFastCab, exploring the opportunity to provide the transportation services to TART users via their already feasible cab-finding app/texting service.

Tourism – Nearby hotel listings will be provided for those who may be coming from out of town, or just want to round out their evening.

Other travel, visitor, convention bureau services – TART's intention is to play a major role in the facilitation and direction of the market’s reliance on tourism income.   Many of its scalable assets are designed to enhance this area of the market.   

TART sees all of the above as opportunities to integrate existing proven social applications, such as Open Table, Uber and mobile ticketing providers into what it has the potential to offer users.

Competitive advantage

TART has been designed to offer the user fast, up-to-date and reliable arts event information the way that no other platform has.  The TART revenue model does not rely on arts event producers to advertise their product, so no arts event is "weighted" more or less than another.  Further, no single application puts the entirety of arts events into one platform. TART users can search by genre (Theatre, Dance, Music, Performance Art, Multi-Media, Literary and Visual Art), or customize searches by neighborhood, date, venue, etc.  The TART content is updated regularly to provide absolutely the most current content. Until now, arts patrons seeking a variety of offerings are bound by ephemeral advertising methods to search through (paper, periodicals, magazines, etc) that are themselves bound by space or weigh the listings by advertising relationships with arts presenters, or have to be "in the know" to search individual company websites.  TART is the first arts finder application that crosses genres and eliminates listing disadvantages for both arts companies and arts consumers.

Further, no current platform provides such detailed resource suggestions via advertising relationships to a user to provide options for rounding out their event attending experience.  Restaurants, for example, have the opportunity to tailor their advertising to the users of the "theatre next door." Current advertising opportunities fall victim to the same scenario described above - listings in ephemeral, out-dated advertising mediums with non-specific targeting of a sought-after demographic.  Peripheral services, which make up for more than 75% of dollars spent by arts attendees outside of the arts event can market directly to this coveted demographic.