SpaceoutVR, Inc.
Location: 333 Broadway Suite 430, Troy, New York, United States United States
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 06/2017, Seed: $412.424 k (post valuation: $5000000).
Investment Firms: Redwood Technology Ventures
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SpaceoutVR, Inc.

Free to play Mobile Social VR MMOG for iOS and Android
Troy, New York, United States United States
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Company description

Spaceout.VR is a free to play Social VR MMO for iOS & Android. Spaceout.VR monetizes with upgrades and features for entertainment, gaming and communications.

Spaceout.VR engages players with fun VR experiences. 360 Video & Photo, Games, Travel and Music power endless content features within our MMO. Spaceout.VR publishes a customized personal Space Station for each new Spacer. We populate personal spaces with the digital content you love based on machine learning and an analysis of your social media graph. Spaceout.VR accesses content from popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud and Google Street View. In the Orbital Social Feed you can visit thousands of other Space Stations. Make new friends, like, share and leave messages for other Spacers.

Win the game by building the biggest Space Station in VR! Our in-app economy rewards engagement and participation. Purchase and promote new Spaces and premium content with in-app purchases in the Spaceout Store

Spaceout.VR originated in early 2015 as a music-powered mobile VR app. Massive consumer traction with teen and millennial music fans jump-started our product. The "Music Virtualizer" was a new and unique way to have more fun with your music.

To date, no large or small VR software company has unlocked long-term retention. Mobile VR is an emerging and disorganized market. As a leader in the open VR app market, Spaceout.VR has the opportunity to become a defining brand in mass-market consumer VR.

We have achieved unprecedented technological integration with the ability to deliver AI, games, travel, messaging, social media, music streaming and 360 video / photo into a tiny compact mobile app. We monetize with in-app purchasing, promotions, advertising and subscriptions.


  • Dennis Adamo
    Dennis Adamo | Founder
    Dennis is a 20 year Experienced Digital Marketing and Media Executive. Dennis has a global portfolio of experience with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Dennis has raised over $50 million in VC funding spanning over 10 Startup companies.
Business model

Our model is based on a marketplace of features and add-ons. We generate revenue from active, engaged consumers who pay for value added services, that include paid games, paid content, paid media, paid music and other premium services and technologies.

Our product sales rely on App Store Optimization (ASO) this is achieved with paid, earned and owned media. We are a regular feature on Google Cardboard VR Recommended Apps - this is the ultimate location for exposure. Our business model relies on regular paid advertising conversions.

Competitive advantage

Over the past 24 months we have invested $1.2M into VR usability and engagement R&D. Over 250,000 app downloads give us priceless insights into mobile VR behaviors. We now have a framework for user experience, cognitive and social VR. We have used digital channels for marketing since our product launch in November of 2015. A Blue Ocean marketing strategy enables us to convert VR novices at a low-cost based on their interests. In 2016 we reduced our CPA cost from $2.5 to >$0.50. Now we are focused on revenue from increased user engagement and retention with a goal of CAC<LTV. At this point, Spaceout.VR will scale to generate profits.

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