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Flexible solar photovoltaic film solutions for green energy generation
California, United States United States
Company description

With the annual global demand for energy expected to double by mid century,

and triple by the end of the century, current carbon-based technologies cannot

meet the growing energy demand without destabilizing the climate and

endangering U.S. energy security. As such, the solar market is expected to reach

$100B by 2013, with "inorganic thin film technology" set to grow the fastest.

Skye_Rite is a leading edge developer of low cost, inorganic thin-film

photovoltaic (PV) solar cells, made with earth abundant material and

revolutionary, patent-pending nanocrystal ink. This technology overcomes the

limitations of other solar technologies and provides the following benefits:

1) Low-cost of production

2) Material availability for large scale deployment

3) Flexibility in application to uneven surfaces

4) High efficiency (>15%)

5) Easily transportable

6) Non-toxic and earth friendly materials

Skye_Rite is the "rite" transformational energy- related technology, at the "rite"

time, and at the "rite" price point.